We have compiled a list of our top 6 things you must consider before choosing a house removals company.

Boxing up your life and moving house is no small operation.  With so many different removal companies out there – all offering their own policies and packages –  it can be a real challenge choosing the right one for you.

1.What Are Their Customer Testimonials Like?

One of the best ways to measure how good and reliable any business is, is to find out what their previous customers think of their service, including those within the removals industry. 

Before hiring a removal company, spend some time on their website or google my business page and read any reviews or testimonials they may have. 

Testimonials provide an easy, truthful way of finding out the level of service and customer care the company provides. A study by the Spiegel Research Centre determined that ratings of 4.2 – 4.5 are the most trusted, so it’s a good idea to go for nothing under ratings of 4.2, for example AnyVan are rated 4.7 based on 113,661 reviews on Trustpilot. 

2. Do They Have Insurance?

The first and probably most important thing to check is if they have insurance for goods in transit, and at what level. It is crucial that you choose a removals company who has insurance, so you know you are covered if the worst happens, protecting all your belongings should they be damaged or even lost. 

3. What’s The Best Local Quote I Can Get? 

When it comes to choosing the right removal company, cost is one of the most important factors people consider, so don’t be afraid to shop around and get multiple quotes. It is typically recommended that you should obtain at least three different quotes before making a decision, preferably from firms that will visit your property rather than just estimating the cost over the phone. Remember to start this research early so you have plenty of time to compare companies and prices. 

Although cost is important, you must also think about which company is offering the best value for money, and not just who is offering the cheapest service. 

4. Do They Offer Other Services?

Once you’ve got the general costs of your home removal, you may want to start enquiring about other specific services you require. 

Many removal companies will lend packing boxes, which could save you a decent sum of money, so it is worth asking about. You may also want to see if they will pack your items for you, or to un-plumb things like washing machines and dishwashers. By having your house removal company do this for you, you’ve not only minimised the risk of damage, but also saved time and stress out of your life. 

The best removal companies will be able to provide a full package of services tailored to your needs. At Falconer Removals, they will deliver boxes to your door or you can use their packing service. They also offer long or short-term premium furniture storage solutions, should you need to hold your belongings in a secure facility during the move. 

5. Are They Friendly And Trustworthy?

Another super important factor to consider is if your first contact at the removal company seem friendly and trustworthy. If you are handing over all your precious goods to one company, it is crucial that you feel you can trust them. Also, moving house can be a frustrating experience, so choosing a removal company that makes the process as stress-free as possible will go a long way toward reducing your stress levels on the big day.

6. Do They Have A Delay Policy?

Last, but not least – check that they have a delay policy, or ‘late key waiver’ option. Many issues are out of our control, such as waiting for a response from the solicitor, so it’s important to know if the removals firm is prepared for delays like these. 

Likewise, one of the best ways to safeguard yourself is ensuring the company has a complaints policy. Whilst this unfortunately won’t turn back time, it will allow the company to learn from any mistakes.

Written by Kate, on behalf of Falconer Removals.